Tigress Version 1.2 Release Notes

  1. Global variables now retain their 'static' storage.
  2. Dependencies between global variables are now, mostly, honored. Thus, such variables should occur in the correct order. Mostly.
  3. Fixed "timeval" being multiply defined.
  4. RndArgs now works for recursive functions.
  5. Added the --EncodeBranchesReturnAddressOffset option.
  6. Fixed a bug in encodeStrings, where "break" was left out of a switch statement.
  7. Better error handling for extern functions, missing functions, functions whose signature can't change.
  8. Basic blocks with large numbers of statements no longer blow out the stack (thanks to a CIL update).
  9. Virtualize and Split now handle varargs.
  10. Merge and RndArgs cannot handle varargs, and now print an error to that effect.
  11. Split now now makes random splits of basic blocks.